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    Trae Young Draft Sight – Game Theory Podcast

    Sam Vecenie gives you his report on Trae Young.


    Sam Vecenie and Cole Zwicker discuss the talk around Oklahoma freshman guard Trae Young. He’s somewhat come back to earth as he hasn’t been playing lights out in comparison to what he did earlier in the season. With Young’s play somewhat fizzling, many have begun to nitpick and question the legitimacy of his game. Is he for real? Can he really play at the NBA level? Is he a star talent?

    Both Sam and Cole talk him being a top pick or just a little lower in the draft and look at his pro and cons as pro in the NBA. Along with that discussing the curiosity of him at the pro level.

    The two delve into the stats with him.

    Another interesting topic is the interesting situation within the Dallas Mavericks situation after Sports Illustrated exposed the organization for who they really are when it comes to sexual and domestic activity.

    Episode Recap: In this episode, Sam is joined by Cole Zwicker where they debate the merits of Trae Young as a draft prospect. For reference: Cole has Young as a top-three prospect, and Sam has him more in the No. 6-7 range. What are his best aspects as a prospect? What makes us hesitant about him as an NBA player? We dive as deep as possible into the stats, the scouting and the context surrounding him both in high school and in college.

    At the top, we chat briefly about the Dallas Mavericks-misogyny story, then later in the show chat about Jaren Jackson and the ridiculous flashes he’s shown in the recent month of play.