Travel Mugs And Apple Products, Do Either Of These Work? (Podcast)


    D.J. hates Apple phones

    D.J. notices how Apple is draining his phone battery from afar and he is not happy about it. He knows their secret tricks of making people buy the new phones. Same thing happens to his laptop and he refuses to buy a new one and give Apple the satisfaction.

    Travel mugs are great!

    D.J. has a great travel mug from a company he can’t say the name of because they aren’t paying him for advertising. Smart idea if you ask me. Pete is not a fan of travel mugs because, well, he doesn’t travel. Do you all remember the little sippy cup travel mug? Those might be better than the Yeti one for D.J. because he likes his drinks to cool down, not stay the same temperature for 41 hours.

    Where should ad reads go?

    The guys agree they are terrible at ad reads, and they worked so hard to get them but now they don’t really want them. It’s like that famous scene from “The Graduate”. Maybe they should put them in between the most vulgar parts? Not a bad idea.

    Scrubs!! What a great show

    The guys love Scrubs, but who doesn’t? The show is goofy and J.D. has this theory that J.D. of Scrubs and Michael Scott of the Office are the most relatable characters. Says a lot about them as people I guess. Serious question, how is J.D. a resident for so long without moving up? J.D says that Adam Heart is his favorite character from Scrubs, and there is no question that Todd is hated.


    Super Bowl peformances

    What was the best Super Bowl performance? Well it wasn’t Donald Fagen because that’s the guy from Steely Dan because he didn’t perform. Was it Justin Timberlake and the selfie kid? Listen to find out!

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    Imagine Dragons lawyers reach out to Brunch

    This is probably from all the use of the song “Thunder” and playing it backwards a lot. This was bound to happen.