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    Ty Lue Not Getting Enough Credit, Lakers Free Agent Plan (And Backup Plan), Draft Lottery


    The Los Angeles Lakers are heading into an important summer where they will hire a new head coach and attempt to sign a superstar free agent. Despite the arrival of LeBron James last year, the team still missed the playoffs, which adds pressure for them to get back on track fast.

    On this episode of the LN Podcast, host Trevor Lane is joined by LN’s Corey Handsford to talk about the pending arrival of Ty Lue as the team’s new head coach. While some see Lue apparently getting the job as an indication of how much influence James has in the team’s decision-making process, that line of thinking undersells Lue’s qualifications as a coach.

    With a championship under his belt and a reputation for challenging James, he made be the preferred selection of the Lakers’ superstar but that doesn’t mean that he’s the wrong choice.

    Additionally, the discussion turns to free agency, where the much-scrutinized Lakers front office will attempt to prove everyone wrong by landing one of the top stars on the market. They have enough cap space to go after the best of the best, but with the perception being that the Lakers are in turmoil following the departure of Magic Johnson, will they be able to convince anyone to sign on? And how might that impact the NBA Draft?

    With the Draft Lottery just days away, the Lakers will have to be proactive with how they manage this latest asset. They are most likely to end up with the 11th overall pick but could jump into the top four if the basketball gods smile upon them. How should they handle the pick in both scenarios?

    All that and tons more on this show, don’t miss it!