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    Vecenie and Leroux explore the Celtics top eastern conference opponents (podcast)

    Sam Vecenie and Danny Leroux explore the entire eastern conference.


    In this episode of the Game Theory Podcast, Sam Vecenie has Danny Leroux on to chat about some of the biggest storylines in the Eastern Conference. Consider it a “researching the enemy show.”

    Some of the topics: How have the Cavaliers gone on their 11-game win streak? What are the Bucks doing differently since Eric Bledsoe arrived, and is their frontcourt a legitimate impediment to their overall success this year? Why are the Pistons the biggest surprise in the NBA, and how has Andre Drummond made his leap? What do we think of the Knicks and the Pacers‘ hot starts? Is Miami the most non-descript team in basketball? Also, what does Danny think of my idea that Spencer Dinwiddie is maybe the most attractive trade target in the NBA?

    All that and more in this episode of the Game Theory Podcast, which you can subscribe to here.