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    Watching the C’s advance: Playoffs right around the Corner (Podcast)

    It's a pretty unbelievable season for the Boston Celtics who have gotten to almost 56 wins having many key players out and tons of injuries.

    It’s a pretty unbelievable season for the Boston Celtics who have
    gotten to almost 56 wins having many key players out and tons of injuries. Many different bench players have been jumbled into the starting lineup which is where they have shown what they can bring to the table. For example, players like Shane Larkin coming out of the woodwork’s with clutch passes while many believed he wouldn’t even make the roster this year. He lead the Celtics to a win against the Utah Jazz. Jayson Tatum is out of his slump for sure. His game against the Phoenix Suns definitely proved his slump was over when he put up some good baskets helping the Celtics to a win. Although Danny Ainge has not always been substantial deciding on draft picks it’s said that the last three years have been pretty significant towards the C’s season with some pretty unique players joining the lineups. Unlike other teams we have fresh young legs so we are strong in that aspect to be able to switch out players and give them rest when needed.
    Brad Stevens has been such a stand out coach. He has made crazy results for the Celtics team and for sure deserves coach of the year. He maximizes everything he can from each player so the team can get the best outcome therefore, making them have strong confidence to follow through with their strengths.
    Injuries have been a huge stand still for many teams in the league. Daniel Theis will for sure be out for the season , but  other players will be returning closer to the playoff time period. It is not set in stone who will be those returning players although many will be back. Many players bodies aching & joints aren’t as strong as they should be is making the teams scramble when they should be resting especially with playoffs arriving .
    Isiah Thomas getting surgery will affect this contract , he will struggle with getting a long term team. Him being out for playoffs is not good for his current team. He will most likely only get a one year contract because of this. It would be pretty cool if Thomas came back to the Celtics, but he would not take Kyrie Irving’s spot that he currently has. The Celtics will continue to look for some players to see if they can fit in the package to play for Boston. With playoffs only a few weeks away we just have to continue to keep moving up .
    It’s said that the Philadelphia 76’s will struggle for playoffs. Cleveland are ruled out of the 1st seed unquestionably , but will the Celtics push to 1st with only three more losses than the Toronto Raptors or finish as the 2nd seed? It’s hard to tell what the outcome will be, but only time will tell with these next few games. It’s hard to tell which team will be facing who, but each team has their own threats. The Miami Heat will most likely be a good team to play against because they don’t have super strong talent. While the Washington Wizards is more of a sleepier team right now, but defiantly can come off as a challenge. The Milwaukee Bucks is definitely a little more of a nerve raking team to face. The Path the Celtics would want to face would be 1st round Miami, then a tough match-up against Philly, and lastly the Raptors. Competing against the Raptors rather than the Cavaliers would be best for the Celtics. If the Celtics first get through the Eastern Conference finals with a healthy team they positively could make it to the end and possibly get a W. With the Raptors game coming up tonight the Celtics have to put in their ultimate effort to defeat them and continue to try to grasp the 1st place spot towards playoffs.
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