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    WEEI’s Blind Mike is BACK on Get The Ledd Out

    Of all the crazy things that were said, Blind Mike believes he could hold his own against Dave Portnoy in a boxing match. What do you think?


    Blind Mike is back on the casting couch for episode 14 of Get The Ledd Out.

    If you didn’t know, Blind Mike (@BlindMike_) was Dave Portnoy’s right hand man at Barstool. Now he’s the host of the WEEI podcast #TrashTalk. We took a break from straight sports talk as we swapped some stories. Mike weighs in on situation from my personal life, and no surprise takes the opposing side. We finally got into some the Red Sox and Yankees rivalry: is it back on? Later on the best available still on the market remains a free agent. That of course would Colin Kaepernick, the man who brought the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl. Is the NFL colluding to keep him off rosters? I certainly think so, and he absolutely deserves a shot before Johnny Manziel.

    Mike also believes people are getting too sensitive on certain subjects, which I would agree on. That somehow ran it’s course into a Netflix vs Hulu debate where he tries to have a lengthy discussion about the hit sitcom Cheers which I would not allowed. I mean great show, but we’ll save that for another time.

    In addition, usually I’m the guy who says crazy outlandish things but Mike takes the cake with this one.  He truly believes he would hold his own in a boxing match vs. Portnoy. I would bet my life savings on a knockout, but I respect his confidence.

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    Colin Leddy (@Ledds12) is a senior football player at Plymouth State University. He is a Natick, Massachusetts native with an extensive knowledge of the Boston sports scene. Leddy is the host of “Get the Ledd Out”.