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    Welcome to Father John Misty SZN (Podcast)


    It’s a brand new SZN

    It’s Friday and the boys are not a fan of the phrase ‘Darty’ as in, Day Party. This is not to be confused with how the guys like the phrase SZN as in Season, they just don’t like the word Darty. And honestly who can blame them? It’s not clever and it’s really lame. Hopefully it’s officially gone now.

    Father John Misty, a musician the guys both like, released new music and new merch. Needless to say the boys are pleased. They are huge fans of the new things and they can’t wait to share their excitement with you.

    Speaking of new merch, Brunch has their own line of new merch. Go to the website www.listentobrunch.com and check out the new merch. It’s almost as the new merch from Father John Misty. Maybe it is better, but the guys would never say that so don’t ask them about it. It’s definitly worth checking it out though because it’s going to be Brunch SZN before you know it.

    Just to make you feel better, Zdeno Chara put up another Instagram pic and this one was him and Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters. It’s an amazing photo, much like the rest of his Instagram. The guys go on a bit of a tangent about where are members of bands when someone kills themselves.

    DJ watches a movie that’s supposed to be an erotic thriller but truth be told, it wasn’t erotic or a thriller, so that must make it a bad movie.

    Someone is cat-fishing girls on Tinder using Pete’s photo. So if you see Pete on Tinder that isn’t him and don’t go spreading rumors about it. The guys also talk about the new Netflix series ‘Characters’

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