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    What Went Wrong at Notre Dame

    Fighting Irish Head Coach joins Jeff Goodman on Good 'N Plenty


    This upcoming year will be the first one Notre Dame is not ranked in a LONG time. The Fighting Irish are not one of the “blue blood” basketball programs in the NCAA, but they are a perennial contender.

    Last year was a unusual one for Brey. His Irish finished under .500 for the second time since he took over in 2000 (14-19), capped off with a miserable 3-15 record in conference play. They finished off the year losing eight of their last nine games, missing the big dance for only the sixth time in Brey’s career.

    But why?

    Well, it’s pretty simple. The ACC was it’s usual, dominant self. Duke, North Carolina, and Virginia were loaded with talent. Moreover, the secondary teams – Florida State, Virginia Tech, NC State – had solid mixtures of smart coaching, solid veterans, and good overall balance. Notre Dame simply didn’t have the horses.

    However, it wasn’t JUST that. Brey, in this week’s Good ‘N Plenty, talks about the lack of veteran leadership really hurt the team. There was no “Jack Cooney” or “Pat Connaughton” or “Tim Abramaitis”. Brey’s teams thrive off having one of those type of guys on the team. Furthermore, when you’re playing in the same league as Zion Williamson you need vets that won’t be intimated.

    Brey discusses this last season and more on this week’s Good ‘N Plenty. More about the transfer problem facing the NCAA, changing the three-point line, and Brey admits his own mistakes concerning the recruiting calendar.

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    3:25 That time Jeff ghosted on Pat Connaughton

    7:11 What went wrong with Notre Dame last year?

    13:32 Transfer phenomenon has changed the game

    22:24 Changes in the recruiting calendar

    32:57 New three-point line

    40:51 Who’s the next Duke head coach?