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    West Coast Godfather of Hip-Hop w/Lonzo Williams


    This week’s guest on Day 1 Radio is a walking talking Hip-Hop history book. Alonzo Williams is known to many as perhaps the first antagonist in the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton, but his story extends before and after that, which is why they call him the Godfather of West Coast Hip-Hop. Sit back and listen as we catch up with the man who put Los Angeles and Compton rap music on the map. 

    2:15 – Alonzo starts with his mid 70s beginnings as the first mobile DJ in Compton and his club promoter days when he brought Kurtis Blow and Run DMC out for their first West Coast shows. He also gets into how he helped Eazy-E start Ruthless Records.

    5:40 – Alonzo talks about working with Dr. Dre when he was still a teenager and the irony of seeing him go from breaking his studio’s headphones all of the time to becoming a billionaire off of them. He also talks about the environment and opportunities that his studio provided for artists back then.

    10:15 – Alonzo shares a story about his interactions with Nipsey Hussle when he was just a young kid shining shoes.

    11:15 – Alonzo bought Dr. Dre his first drum machine and he explains how his career as a club promoter (and good credit) helped buy guys like him the equipment they needed to make music. He also reveals how he was able to build a top-notch studio through relationships with OG artists like legendary singer Etta James.

    15:00 – Alonzo is a pioneer in music distribution as well as production. He talks about his time starting and running West Coast Record Distributors, the first Black-owned, artist-owned record distribution company ever. 

    18:30 – Alonzo signed Ice Cube to his first record deal before he joined NWA. 

    21:10 – Alonzo wrote the book “Not Without Alonzo” and has plans to turn it into a movie. He also talks about how he was portrayed in “Straight Outta Compton.”

    24:30 – Alonzo still performs at age grown-ass-man. He reveals his 25-minute secret to still being able to put on a good show. He also talks about his current projects that include a number of podcasts and a soon-to-be syndicated radio show.

    27:00 – Alonzo talks about mentoring young artists and how he surprised that so many young artists still sign bad contracts in 2020. 

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