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    What Turned D’Angelo Russell Intro a Professional | Court Vision Podcast with Jameer Nelson & Ben Stinar


    Court Vision Podcast with Jameer Nelson and Ben Stinar

    Episode 17: D’Angelo Russell 

    Jameer Nelson and Ben Stinar Welcome Minnesota point guard D’Angelo Russel. In todays episode, Jameer, Ben, and D’Angelo Talk about some hardships D’Angelo faced his rookie season, his pairing with Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns, and the up and coming weeks/months for D’Angelo.

    Guest: D’Angelo Russell 

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    Ben Stinar- “I was trying to find how many times you guys have played, I think I could only find you guys played each other one time.”

    D’Angelo Russell and Jameer Nelson only played against each other one time in the NBA, and it was D’Angelos’ rookie year as a Los Angeles Laker. Jameer Nelson was on the Denver Nuggets.


    Over the years, D’Angelo Russel has respected what Chris Paul of the Oklahoma City Thunder has done, but he believes that Paul is becoming wiser and still able to out think the game and other players.




    Jameer Nelson- “What were some of the toughest things that you have handled so far?”

    D’Angelo Russell answers immediately by saying his rookie year.


    What really turned D’Angelo Russell into a “F**king professional”?


    D’Angelo Russell talks about how when he first got to the NBA as a rookie with the Los Angeles Lakers he did not have a routine, but once he got himself in check and got into a program, he noticed his game elevating.


    In reference to watching the younger players, D’Angelo Russell noticed that the NBA was almost meant to break you if you were not built for it.


    Ben Stinar mentions that Jameer Nelson had Dwight Howard, and D’Angelo Russell has Karl-Anthony Towns, and asks Jameer what he would like to see come from this duo in the future.


    Jameer Nelson- “The next step for you D’Angelo, is leadership.”


    D’Angelo Russell- “We (The Minnesota Timberwolves) are not rebuilding…we are in a position trying to figure out our identity”


    Jameer Nelson thinks that if the right pieces are put into place around D’Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns, they have some real potential.


    In. reference to D’Angelo Russels’ 52 point game against the Golden State Warriors, Jameer says that any time you play like that against a team, you end up on that team.


    What are the next few weeks/months looking like for D’Angelo Russell?