Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman Podcast

    What’s Next for Kyrie Irving & NBA? + Classic Bob Ryan Stories


    What’s the alternative for Kyrie Irving and others who don’t want to go to Orlando to resume the NBA season? We discuss.

    Also, Bob Ryan reveals stories behind some of his greatest books

    3:18: Bob is going out to eat for the first time

    8:35: Bob, how many books have you written?

    13:10: Researching the 1918 Red Sox

    18:11: The trainer who hated the Celtics

    21:35: When 15-year-old Jeff interviewed Ron Harper & Hot Rod Williams

    26:38: First time Bob interviewed Red Auerbach

    32:31: If they’re not going to play, what’s Kyrie Irving’s plan for players not going to Orlando?

    37:09: Will we see other superstars come forward and say “We’re not going”?