Which Is Better; Mall of America or NHL-All Stars? (Podcast)



    The guys aren’t with each other now

    Pete is in Tampa for the NHL-All Star games while J.D. is in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl. Who is having more fun, Pete in the warm weather and in the greatest city or J.D. stuck inside of a mall in freezing winds? Well this seems like a hard choice.

    Is Pete an A-Lister now?

    Well, by association is he. He was at the NHL-All Star game sitting next to actor Taylor Kitsch and his friends. Remember him from Friday Night Lights? Apparently he was a nice guy and just as handsome in person (according to Pete). But the real question is that is Taylor Kitsch an A-list celebrity? These are the questions that need answers now.

    Have you seen Waco?

    Well Pete hasn’t. He has heard great things but had to tell Kitsch that he hasn’t seen it, even though he’s a huge fan of Kitsch. Truly heart breaking.

    Doing a podcast is great

    Until people ask what you do and you say you’re a grown man who has a podcast. Pete hates to say it, a part of him dies each time. Hopefully he has the world’s smallest violin ready.

    Is it better to be known or not?

    D.J. thinks that it’s better to not be known because he thinks it’s cool. Pete would have to disagree with that, because he likes to be recognized. It’s hard to decide which one is better but why not both? By the way, any fans of the Haim sisters out there?

    CHVRCHES releases a new single, time to rank all the songs

    Any fans of CHVRCHES here? Well you are in for a huge treat then! They released a new single and the guys decide to take advantage of this by ranking the top 5 songs they have released. Did your favorite song make it?