Wrestling Soup

    WHOOOA or FIRE ME ALREADY(Wrestling Soup 1/5/18)


    Anthony Missionary Thomas and Joey Numbas host the first Wrestling Soup of 2018. The boys discuss Wrestlekingdom and the currently popular rough style of wrestling being unsustainable. They talk about the failure of Jinder Mahal and how the WWE is incapable of admitting its mistakes to its audience.

    A poor promo from Ruby Riott prompts them to touch on the women’s division, the upcoming Women’s Royal Rumble, and the continued disparity between women’s wrestlers with ability versus those with only sexuality. Plus, both agree on Stephanie McMahon’s torchbearer status for women’s rights to be a sham.

    Logan Paul is not a good role-model.

    The two also give their perspective on the Logan Paul controversy and YT’s fundamentally unsound decision to air publicity stunts involving suicides.

    They point out how Tom Phillips squeezed in under the wire for the current call-out culture and scrutiny involving sexual misconducts. Plus they consider this era of social exposes and dissect how men are looked down upon for their sexuality as they age.