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    Anthony Missionary Thomas and Jon Draper talk about Enzo Amore's investigation being scrapper, ALL IN, and other Wrestleing and WWE News


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    This week Anthony Missionary Thomas is joined by Jon Draper. Joey Numbas is currently on assignment. Justice for Enzo (2:15.) He was finally cleared of all wrongdoing in the account of MissGucciWitch and himself. Due to this Enzo Amore also known as Eric Arndt was accused of sexual assault and the police have stated that there was not enough evidence for them to pursue any sort of charges. She responded on social media (4:31.)

    This was at the same time Enzo was in a relationship with Liv Morgan at the time of these accusations. As a reminder there were never any charges filed against Enzo. Some website are still reporting that charges were dropped. Charges were never filed against Eric Arndt aka Enzo Amore. Would you like to see Enzo Amore come back to the WWE? Do you think he is due some sort of compensation from WWE? Should he file charges against the women who accused him?

    All In DT and Mish still weighing the option of going (22:00.) Looks like All In has opened up to all forms of wrestling podcast. Why is there still no card for this “HUGE EVENT.” Are you excited about this event not knowing a lot of the card? Vince Russo is not invited to this event and he ranted at Cody Rhodes (25:21.)  It’s weird that Cody immediately turned it into a social justice warrior stance. When did we get to a point where we are unable to question people? When did we lose our entitlement to our opinion. Jon Draper VS Ariya Daivari (27:58.) Big Cass has gotten into hot water when he beat up a little person on Smackdown (37:44.) Zahra Schreiber, Seth Rollins ex girlfriend, is now dating Sonya Deville (40:18.) Ronda Rousey made she WWE live event appearance in an event overseas (44:09.) Rousey teamed with Natalya and Ember moon VS Mickie James, Liv Morgan and Ruby Riot. Rousey is apparently very good at flipping people. As soon as the arm bar was in Mickie James immediately tapped out to the finishing move. Nia Jax VS Ronda Rousey’s match at Money in the Bank (45:45.) Should Ronda become the WWE Women’s champion or is it too soon? Is she more legitimate for that belt? Should Ronda be feed right now? Charlotte Flair underwent surgery to fix a leaking implant (52:57.) CM Punk and Colt Cabana go to trial on Monday 5/20 (53:13.) Dr. Aman is looking for $1 million in damages. John Cena and Nikki Bella’s breakup saga continues (58:34.) Even WWe is releasing tweets. How weird is it the WWE is trying to get them back together again. What is Baron Corbin’s gimmick (67:38.) Mandy Rose being pushed into center stage (70:25.) Rich Swann is has made his IMPACT wrestling debut (74:70.) WWE is a minority owner in the XFL (76:50.) Are you excited for the XFL or is this going to be history repeating itself. Maruo Renalo new documentary about his struggle with mental illness (78:30.) Jon Draper VS Ariya Daivari the full story (85:45.) WWE and other wrestling personalities searching themselves on social media. Roman Reigns most recent interview about the fans (98:27.) The boys take your calls (100:00.)