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    Will Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Plan Impact My Portfolio? | AWM Insights | Financial and Investment News


    After yet another week packed with events including president-elect Biden rolling out a $1.9 trillion stimulus package, big tech bans, and Bitcoin hitting an all-time high and then losing almost a third of its value shortly thereafter – Erik, Brandon and Justin cut through the noise to help you navigate through the most recent financial and investment news.

    This week, they discuss the potential impact of the stimulus plan and a Democratic-controlled government on the markets, the dangers of holding individual companies or countries, and the benefits of taking a long-term, evidence-backed approach to building multi-generational wealth.

    Episode Highlights

    • Unpacking the week’s events (00:01)
    • What might the stimulus plan do to my investments? (1:25)
    • “Multi-generational wealth requires discipline and long-term thinking to allow that compounding effect to take hold.” – Justin Dyer
    • What would you have done in January 2020 if you had the magic crystal ball? (3:41)
    • How long do you sit on the sidelines? (5:18)
    • Warnings against trying to pick individual stocks or countries (6:23)
    • Bitcoin and FOMO (7:23)
    • Focus on what you can control (8:04)
    • The three most important things to focus on in investing (9:20)
    • The dangers of chasing returns (10:53)
    • Which country was the top performer in 2020? (11:48)
    • When to take measured risks (13:48)
    • “Why do you invest? Are you investing to grow your wealth, or are you investing for entertainment?” – Brandon Averill
    • Is a united government bad for the stock market? (14:56)
    • “In a time when you feel like there is a lot of uncertainty, you know what is really risky and dangerous? Holding an individual company.” – Erik Averill