What Will Happen to NCAA Teams Facing FBI Sanctions

    Andy Katz dishes how the NCAA should proceed against the likes of LSU, Arizona, KU, etc


    The NCAA has a hard decision to make concerning some of the biggest programs in the sport. NC State, Arizona, LSU, Kansas were all implied in some way or another in the latest college scandal invested by the FBI.

    “I think at a minimum a number of these coaches are going to get game suspensions,” said Katz. “That may not placate other coaches or fans or whatever.”

    “I can’t imagine a scenario where Sean Miller does not have some sort of game penalty, at a minimum. Now, whether or not he gets fired or something more severe…clearly it’s up to the school,” he continued.

    Moreover, Katz argues that how harsh the penalty should never be up to the NCAA. If a coach gets in trouble upper-echelon college administrators have the right to suspend a coach from the floor for a certain part of time. However, whether that coach retains his or her job is only for a specific program to decide. If a school wants to keep a coach with a tainted record because they believe in the coach that should be solely up to said school.

    Furthermore, contractual obligations could make firing a coach a little more difficult. Some of these contracts have large buyouts, where it does not behoove a program to fire a coach.

    Ultimately there aren’t any penalties yet. None of these schools really have to do anything yet, and don’t be surprised if it takes a while. If you are looking for justice I wouldn’t count on the NCAA to act swiftly.

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