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    Williams, Edwards are Two of the Biggest Steals of the NBA Draft

    Cole Zwicker REALLY enjoyed the Celtics draft this year


    In my opinion Grant Williams and Carsen Edwards are impact players in year one. I believe Grant will contribute for the Celtics right away, while Edwards will need a little bit of time to carve out a role. The important thing is both have NBA ready skills that will show up in their rookie years.

    Williams does so many things well that will translate immediately for Boston. Defensively he is a rare prospect. Now he doesn’t have incredible, freakish measurables like some do. However, his defensive IQ is off the charts, which will bode well for this team. Marcus Smart earned a lot of playing time his rookie year because he could guard his position well from day one. I believe “the Manvil” will have a similar impact on that side of the floor.

    Unlike first-year Smart, Grant has potential to make a bigger impact on the offensive side of the floor. He comes into the NBA as a more developed offensive prospect. His shot translates more than Smart’s did in his first year. Just peep their free throw percentages.

    Meanwhile Carsen Edwards brings elite-level shooting to the equation. You could say this a lot about Boston over the years -that they haven’t had enough shooting. Carsen will step in and immediately challenge the entire team for best three-point shooter on the roster. Now, Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum, and Gordon Hayward would be guys I’d rank over him. Hell, Jaylen Brown is showing he can shoot well at the NBA level. But Carsen has that type of confidence.

    Defensively, Carsen should be able to hang on the perimeter with some guards. He’s “built like a runningback” and shouldn’t be afraid of NBA physicality. His long wingspan grades as a PLUS in that area. He’ll assume the Avery Bradley/Terry Rozier role, covering guys full-court just to be annoying.

    But which one of the Celtics draftee’s would have gone second overall under different circumstances? Find out by listening to this week’s Celtics Beat with Evan Valenti and Cole Zwicker!

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