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    This week’s episode of Day 1 Radio features Atlanta-based fashion designer/entrepreneur Latif Wisdom, founder of Wisdom Fashion House. Widely known for the “End Rape Culture” t-shirt line, Latif is aiming to add social awareness to fashion that leads to conversations that will move society forward. As he preps for his upcoming fashion show in Atlanta on December 7, he tells us the story of his brand and what he hopes to see for it in the future.

    5:30 – Latif gets into his origin – Born in Brooklyn and raised in Atlanta (Stone Mountain), Latif talks about immersing himself into the environment. He also gets into how he started his clothing line Wisdom Fashion House when he was in high school which he credits to having to make his own money after his mom stopped giving it to him. He knew he was onto something when his first run of t-shirts sold out in less than a week at school. This leads to a conversation about the myth that “black folks don’t support each other.”

    12:00 Why “Wisdom?” – Latif breaks down why he decided to name his clothing line “Wisdom.” He says that doing this led to him acquiring more wisdom and changing his perspective on life and business.

    14:00 – The Process – Latif talks about learning the game and finding his first screen-printer. He also talks about having direct and indirect mentors.

    17:30 – Social awareness in clothing – Latif talks about adding social awareness to his clothing brand and why he chose to go that route.

    19:45 – END RAPE CULTURE – Latif’s “End Rape Culture” t-shirt design caught eyes nationwide. He talks about the inspiration behind putting the message on the shirt and how he hopes the message will lead to an open conversation and change how men interact with women and to bring light to young men who have been raped or molested as well. He also talks about how the t-shirt led to his own sister revealing that she was molested by their father. He also talks about how there was also some pushback from women saying that a man can’t and shouldn’t be able to make money off the message.

    28:45 – The Wins – The “End Rape Culture” t-shirts were featured by GQ and also led to the shirts winning “The Battle of the Brands” at WISH and being sold in the store fulltime. Latif also made a limited-edition t-shirt with 21 Savage.

    34:00 – Black American Merchant Class – Latif is set to debut his new capsule “Black American Merchant Class.” Here he talks about the inspiration behind the line and his mission to highlight strong, positive Black imagery. He hopes the line will lead to positive Black imagery becoming normal rather than exceptional.

    44:00 Fashion in Atlanta – Latif talks about how Atlanta designers have the power to make the city just as relevant as New York City, Los Angeles and Paris. Branden also gets Latif’s thoughts on the future of “Streetwear” and Black people’s place in it.

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