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    The World Is Ending And Brunch Can Fix The Oscars (Podcast)

    Blackburn and DJ Bean tear apart the Oscars in their usually hysterical style on this week's BRUNCH podcast...


    The world is ending

    President Trump was invited to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Well that could go really good or horribly bad. DJ compares it how the house in Get Out, how it’s made to have good intentions but no one comes out. DJ and Pete talk about how these two basically subtweet each other. Could be worse, right?

    Let’s fix the Oscars

    DJ and Pete know the Oscars need help. They have some great ideas about how to make it more popular. One idea is not dangle the idea of a jet ski in front of millionaires. Maybe the Oscars can focus on how to make people have shorter speeches. Probably not a bad idea. The Oscars could use any help they can get. Ground rules for making fun of ‘The Shape of Water’.

    Unfair criticism of ‘Red Sparrow’

    Has anyone ever seen any of the ‘Hostel’ movies? They are very, very disturbing. The guys use this a jumping point to get into ‘Red Sparrow’.  Not everyone is a fan of Red Sparrow. Why? Well DJ and Pete take a look at it and explain why these people are totally wrong. It really seems to grind their gears. You might want to take their word for why people are wrong.

    The battle people want to see

    A serious battle is coming. Which side are you on? Team Paddington or Team Winnie the Pooh? There is anothe Christopher Robin movie that is coming out, and DJ and Pete are on a very serious side. If you have listened to these guys before, you know what side they are on. If not, then listen to the podcast.

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