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    Yodel All The Way to The Bank (podcast)


    It’s Mason time everyone

    Do you all remember the Yodel Boy from Wal-Mart? Well in case you didn’t know his name is Mason Ramsey and he now has his own debut single. The song is called Famous and Pete is a big fan of it. If you follow Pete on twitter, he mentioned how catchy the song is and how much he would listen to it. Now we can feel old and wonder where we went wrong in life.

    This kid got famous from yodeling in a Wal-Mart. I guess everyone does get there own 15 minutes of fame then, right? Well let’s enjoy the music anyway. The guys talk about how the song is a slapper about a sex tape. I’m sure that wasn’t his intention but you never know.

    Colin Jost and Michael Che are going to be hosting the Emmy’s. Yes, you read that right. Honestly I have no idea who they are either but DJ and Pete assure us this is going to be terrible.

    Seriously, was everyone else in the whole world to busy to host? Well it’s going to be terrible so let’s see what happens. Get the popcorn ready.

    The boys went to go see ‘Rampage’ which stars Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. They discovered that the movie actually has deep political commentary and wanted to share it with all of you. DJ is really obsessed with sweet potato fries. A movie theater in Australia showed the movie ‘Peter Rabbit’ and things went horribly wrong. The guys will tell you all about it don’t worry. The boys send out there best wishes and hope that no one gets e.coli.