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    You’re Such A Joe Judge – Season 2, Episode 39


    (S2,E39)  In NFL News, Jasmine & Amy find they have something in common with the new Dallas Cowboys head coach when it comes to landing a job. Our Sided debate results are in on who the better veteran head coach hire is between Ron Rivera & Mike McCarthy.  We discuss Tom Brady’s next move, Emmanuel Sanders affect on the new CBA, and we become more acquainted with the new head coaches of the Panthers and Giants.  Offsides has us telling you why the Bills lost to the Texans, previewing the new Netflix series about Aaron Hernandez, and having differing opinions on the Waffle House Challenge.  Our WTF story has farts causing domestic violence, the Above Ground Pool Award goes to ‘Phoney charity glove seller guy’, and we’ve got a new ‘Sometimes All You Need Is The Headline’.  Our Hells Yeah of the week has us giving props to an IG model and giving you a little something for clicking that SUBSCRIBE button!