Prep-away – Microsoft 70-463 Exam: The Dream of Database Experts 


Ever since its inception, Microsoft has managed to remain a big part of the tech world. No tech-related conference is complete without the involvement of Microsoft. The company has rolled out some of the best products and technologies in recent years and it continues to surprise the masses with new endeavors.

Microsoft is highly popular as the owner and maker of the Windows operating system and the Xbox consoles. However, there is still so much about Microsoft that you don’t know. One such detail is that the company has its own certification program. In this program, you can find a ton of different credentials and it is solely up to the candidate to choose the certificate he/she likes.

If you want to earn any Microsoft certification, you need to pass the corresponding exam. However,in this article, we will discuss only Microsoft 70-463. If you are someone who is interested in SQL and knows how to work with it, then this certification test is just for you. Passing this exam and getting the associatedcredential is going to change your life in a lot of ways.

Important details about Microsoft 70-463 exam

If you are someone who is passionate aboutthe database, then you should opt for the Microsoft 70-463 exam as you will learn many valuable things. However, before you jump right into the action, there are a few things that you should know first. The students need to answer around 40-50 questions within 90-120 minutes. If everything goes right, and you are able to get an adequate score, then you will have successfully passed the test. Microsoft 70-463 is available in 6 languages: German, French, English, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese. It is associated with the MCSE and MCSE certificates.

Preparation for Microsoft 70-463 exam

The Microsoft 70-463 test has a lot of benefits, but in order to enjoy them, you need to pass the exam first. Passing this test is not easy, but all you need to do is to prepare for the questions properly, which will allow you to go further. Just like for any other exam, you need to devote a good amount of time, otherwise, things will become quite difficult.

There are a lot of various methods that you can resort when you are preparing for the exam. However, one of the best ones is PrepAway. If you choose this online platform, then you will get access to a ton of cool study materials. For example, it offers study bundles for the Microsoft 70-463 exam, which will give you an access to training videos and practice questions. Whenever you are taking such a test, you need to keep practice questions close to you.This is because without them, you will not be able to pass any exam. Microsoft never repeats any of the questions and that is why there is no point in memorizing them. You should only answer them for practice purposes, and that should prepare you quite easily. If you are not satisfied with the study materials that AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Tests offers you, then you should visit the official Microsoft website. You will find here a lot of authentic study materials, instructor-led training courses, which are an absolute gem. These courses are taught by the Microsoft certified instructors and they will surely be able to help you understand the exam topics better than anyone else.

The Microsoft 70-463 exam is made up of a number of different topics, and this makes the preparation part a lot easier. This is because, with just 5 topics to cover, you can easily create a schedule and divide your time accordingly so that you are able to learn properly all of the topics. Visit the official Microsoft website and get all the necessary information. This must be your first step to understand what the test is and how to prepare for it.

Who should take Microsoft 70-463 exam?

Passing the Microsoft 70-463 test has some very clear career-oriented advantages. For example, with the help of this exam, you can get a better job as a database expert. However, before you learn and register for the test, you need to understand that Microsoft 70-463 is not designed for everyone. Instead, it is targeted at some very specific individuals and that is why you should only take this exam if you really think it will make a difference.

If you are a person who loves SQL and databases, then this test is for you. However, you need to make sure that you have a bit of hands-on experience with technologies before you dive into the 70-463 exam. If you are able to pass the test, then it can make a huge difference to your career as the certified individuals have better chances at landing jobs.You can even get better salaries, if you have a job role as a database administrator, then you can even earn as much as $70,000 per year.


The Microsoft 70-463 exam is one of the best tests that Microsoft has to offer, passing it can act as a launchpad for your career and that is why it is recommended that you take it. Of course, we should mention that this is not going to be a walk in the park, and you will have to work quite hard to cross the line. However, if you are among the few individuals who are able to make that jump, then you will get to enjoy a lot of benefits.

The companies are always looking for those candidates who bring something innovative and increase income,and with this exam, you can show them your determination. The world of tech is changing on a continuous basis and that is why the organizations need those specialists who tend to work on their skills and keep improving. If you are a person who likes to keep the skills up-to-date, then you should go for the Microsoft certification exams as they offer the quickest way to do so.