PRESS RELEASE: Unrelatable To Launch on CLNS Media

Social media mega-influencers Abdul Dremali and Collin Duddy are coming to CLNS Media with Unrelatable



BOSTON — Social media mega-influencers Abdul Dremali and Collin Duddy are coming to CLNS Media.  Their debut podcast Unrelatable will launch on Tuesday, June 5th 2018.

“Collin and I are beyond psyched to join CLNS,” said Dremali.  “With Unrelatable, we’re hoping to cultivate a rich exploratory environment while having a great time examining our differences and how we approach pop culture, current events, sports and just life in general.”

“The network is so excited to have Collin and Abdul,” said CLNS Media’s Chief Communications Officer, Tommy White.  “Collin and Abdul are two of the most riveting follows and engaging personalities on social media mediums. We all cannot wait to see what they do on the podcasting platform with Unrelatable.”

Dremali has a background in Biomechanical Science and Astronomy.  Dremali serves as Head of Innovation for a Boston-based company, leading the charge in research and development in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other emerging technologies.  Whereas Duddy is a writer and creative director in the show business industry in Los Angeles, California.

A testament to their popularity, they possess social media followings that exceed well over a quarter of a million people between the two of them.  Without releasing an episode, Unrelatable already has thousands of subscribers.

The podcast will (hopefully!) serve as a means for these two wildly popular, yet polar opposite individuals to find common ground.  Available every Tuesday, subscribe to Unrelatable on iTunes, Stitcher and the CLNS Media Network mobile app.