To Properly Drink Wines: Guidelines in Wine Serving, Selecting and Other Tips


From elegant parties to intimate events, wines are part of our customary drink as we celebrate or enjoy a night with. Rich with aroma and exquisite taste, this liquor is also used as a way to socialize and bond with people.

As we prepare ourselves for a party or any occasion, we make sure to give attention to every little part about it. Either as the one who heads the party or just a guest who wanted to bring a special gift or two, wines are the most favorable bet and are always a fitting choice for any occasion. 

But there are rules and guidelines to bring out the right kind of wine according to the type of party and the right way of preparing it. You may be attending a formal event and need to impress some people. Choosing the best wine will give you good impressions from other guests and make this event enjoyable. 

Here are some tips and details for consideration, as well as some wine recommendations. 

The general rule of wines: 

Wines are best paired with food, and it’s best to pick what’s the nature of the event and its location. 

For example, if you’re holding or attending a fish cook-off with your friends, then it’s best to pick white wines. If it is a barbeque dinner or something that includes red meat, then red wines are highly recommended. 

But when in doubt or this is a combination of both, then sparkling wines are the safest bet, they would complement different dishes. 

Keep it chilled:

Wines, like every other alcoholic drink, are best consumed at a chilled temperature. It is best to serve wines to guests in chill temperatures to enjoy its flavour truly. 

But make no mistake, placing ice in wine glasses is a big no-no, as this will dilute the liquid and distort the overall taste. 

To prevent dilution while making it chilled, place the wine glasses on an icebox with the right temperature, not cold but just the right one. Or better yet, chill your bottles before serving it, serve the bottles cold and without frost.

Choosing the right glass for the right amount:

If you’re holding a party for numerous guests, it may be wise to select glasses that can cater guests with the proper amount on each drink so you’ll never run out of wine, the worst thing that could happen in any party as a party host if you run out of wines. 

The best idea is to buy more than what’s needed, pick wine glasses with wider bowls for private, small family events, and onger glasses for larger parties to quickly fill each glass and maximize wines. 

Be yourself: 

For first-timers, it may be an overwhelming thing to do to serve wines and guests may be asking a little bit of the wines you’ve been serving. It doesn’t need you to study comprehensively about wines. Just read the description and be confident in sharing it with your guests. 

Don’t worry, your guests will come over because they want to enjoy and mingle with other people, so have fun, drink a bit and don’t forget to ask them how they liked the wine from time to time. 

Wine recommendations: 

There are thousands of wine selections and brands to order online or purchase in your local store, here are some recommended wines you can start with. 

These selected wines could give you some ideas and possibly purchase them as well. These are well-reviewed bottles perfect for special occasions.  

Caymus Special Selection California Red Wine 2015:

This Caymus special red wine selection serves off with a rich taste of caramel, berries and a licorice-flavored zest. It’s also a highly reviewed red wine selection from numerous wine tasters. 

For a price around 190 bucks or higher, this is equally fit for private events only for the selected few. This wine is recommended to be paired off with big steaks, chops and BBQ ribs and with a name like Caymus Special Selection California Red Wine 2015, surely people would start asking about it and you can impress them about this bottle. 

Cloudy Bay 2019 Sauvignon Blanc:

A white wine selection from New Zealand is known for its regional flavour and a local taste from its country. It brings out an enticing aroma of lime and grapefruit. Soft to drink and smells good, this is to be paired with cheeses, or pasta with heavy-cream sauces. 

Vin Vault Chardonnay California:

Rich and creamy wine brand, with fruit flavours, caramel and toffee finish, this would guarantee an excitement in the crowd especially if we have a wine enthusiast on-board. Wine tasters noted this selection noted a hint of a buttery, spicy aroma. 

Also, with its alcohol content of 13.5 Percent, this would give a kick and a new feel to keep the party in high spirits. Take this smooth drink for a $20 average per bottle in stores. Right wine choice for a good number of crowds. 


Choosing the right wine and it’s serving procedures is undeniably challenging for people, mainly if you have limited knowledge about it. But if you know what you’re looking for and who we are serving, getting the perfect bottle will be more comfortable. Now throw your party, cook some excellent meals and offer your companions with a nice bottle they wouldn’t expect.