Riley Nash Happy To Have Two Ears Still


BRIGHTON, MA – After his first practice with his teammates since taking a puck to his right ear March 31 in a 5-1 Bruins win over the Panthers, Boston forward Riley Nash joked to the media that his hearing is fine now; well except for when he’s in his Mom’s or girlfriend’s doghouse.

“Sometimes when my girlfriend yells at me, I say I don’t hear it,” he joked. “That’s about it. And my mom.”

All kidding a side, Nash realizes he was very lucky to escape further injury, even potentially having an ear to hear any nagging he may get.

“It was pretty scary, I mean, any time you have your head shaken up like that,” he said. “It’s probably a good thing that it went numb right away, that I didn’t really feel a whole lot after that. I know my ear was kind of hanging on for dear life. I’m just happy to have it.”

He also very well could’ve suffered a concussion but thankfully that appears to be subsiding now.

“I had some symptoms, I don’t know if it was a concussion or it wasn’t,” Nash said. “Obviously taking a puck to the skull like that isn’t going to feel great. I don’t know if it was just a little bit of swelling that was causing those symptoms or whatnot.”

He’s not quite ready to jump into the lineup for Game 2 as head coach Bruce Cassidy told the media prior to Nash’s scrum with reporters, but he was more than happy to just be back out the guys doing drills.

“I feel good,” Nash said after his first skate in almost three weeks. “It’s nice to get back out there with the guys and feel like you’re actually part of the team again. So today was a good day.”