Rob Gronkowski Dismisses Patriots Trade Rumors as “Fake News”

Gronk answered questions about some wild trade rumors while hosting a youth football clinic in Woburn.


Friday was a tense day to be a Patriots fan. Though not widely reported by mainstream media there were plenty of rumblings of some major drama in Foxboro involving Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and the possibility he might be traded. On Saturday Gronk addressed those rumors head on with just two words, “fake news.”

Gronk made the comments at a youth football camp in Woburn. Gronk was asked point blank what he thought of the rumors surrounding him.

“It just shows how much fakes news is out there. Hashtag fake news that’s all I know. It’s true. It exists. See it all the time about me. It’s wild,” Gronkowski told reporters.

One of the rumors even suggested that Tom Brady threatened to retire if Gronk was traded which caused Robert Kraft to nix the deal.

“What a nice guy. He is,” Gronkowski said about the Brady rumor. “But I haven’t talked to him. I didn’t even know about it until last night. Fake news.”

All of the rumors were debunked for the most part though it was reported that the Patriots did entertain the notion of trading Gronk. When asked about that Gronkowski responded that he had “no clue” whether that report was true.

Gronk was also asked about teammate Julian Edelman, who is facing a 4-game suspension for a positive drug test.

“He’s a great dude, a great teammate. I can’t speak on his behalf, his situation. Just a great guy to have around,” said Gronkowski. “He’s a great dude. Great player. He has a hard football work ethic, which is always good to see.”

Gronk did not say whether he plans to attend any more voluntary workouts. He missed all of voluntary OTAs before finally showing up for the mandatory 3 day mini-camp this week. Gronk has said that he is interested in a contract extension though no movement yet on that front.