[ROUNDTABLE] Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Concerned About Tom Brady’s Hand Injury

Mike Petraglia and Mike Alongi tell you what to watch for in Sunday's AFC Championship game between the Patriots and Jaguars.


In this episode of Patriots Roundtable, Mike Petraglia and Mike Alongi kickoff the show by discussing the story that is dominating NFL headlines: Tom Brady’s hand injury. Petraglia and Alongi examine how Brady’s injury will impact the Patriots’ game plan offensively, and how they attack a Jacksonville Jaguars defense that ranks second in scoring defense, yielding just 16.8 points per game, according to espn.com.

The conversation then flows into the importance of New England’s ability to execute while playing uptempo. Last week, in the divisional round of the playoffs, against the Tennessee Titans, the Patriots took control of the game by revving up the pace offensively, which helped them put twenty-one points on the board in the second quarter; from there, they never looked back. Petraglia and Alongi ponder whether or not this is the blueprint for another Patriots victory.

When Trags and Alongi flip the conversation over to the Jaguars’ offense against the Patriots’ defense, they discuss the fact that it is paramount that New England’s defense is able to set the edge against Blake Bortles and Leonard Fournette.

Despite all of the disrespect being hurled Bortles’ way, he has the ability to hurt New England’s defense with his legs, and finish off drives in the red zone, where he has combined with Fournette to help Jacksonville’s offense go six for six with six touchdowns this postseason.

Trags and Alongi discuss all this and more in this episode of Patriots Roundtable. Here is a guide to help you navigate your way through the entire episode.


1:45 – How Tom Brady’s hand injury impacts the Patriots’ offensive game plan against Jacksonville

5:38 – When attacking the Jaguars’ defense, pace is key

9:15 – Jacksonville’s secondary is elite, but find out how they can be exploited

12:02 – For the Patriots to win, their defense must set the edge and contain Blake Bortles and Leonard Fournette


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