Say it ain’t so Alex Reimer!!! It takes a pissant to know a pissant…but you don’t do you?

Jimmy Young is mouthing off again but he does have a valid point on this one...

Photo of Alex Interviewing Dustin Pedroia in 2009 Photo courtesy Boston Globe.

No defense for what Alex Reimer of WEEI said about Tom Brady’s 5 year old daughter, but I just heard a caller on that station wonder how a 24 year old gets a job in a major market. 

Alex has been a practicing sportscaster, blogger, and talk show host since he was 11. At age 12 he appeared on the Jay Leno Show, and the Today Show on NBC. At 15 he was one of the hosts of the old Back Talk Sports Talk Show on four-AM radio stations in the Boston market for Young Broadcasters of America. Since graduating from BU, he’s been writing for the Herald, and as well as appearing on that station’s morning show with WEEI Sports Radio Network Kirk and Callahan. 

He’s now been suspended for his “little pissant” comment about Tom Brady’s five year old daughter, and rightfully so. Even when a public figure opens his private life to the public as part of Tom Brady‘s Tom vs Time Facebook Watch documentary, comments about children of celebrities should be off limits. (There’s a reason why many faces of young people under the age of 18 are blurred in video stories to protect their identities) Of course if he had said something like…’she’s acting like a 5 year old.’ His comments would have never made national prime time news.


I will admit, given my vocabulary challenges, I didn’t know what that word meant, nor have I ever uttered it, but now thanks to Google….A pissant – is an insignificant or contemptible person or thing.  No wonder why I had never heard that term before, I try never to say anything negative about anyone, even those people I don’t like. In this case I wonder if Alex knew exactly what he was saying. Perhaps he is familiar with the word because as a talk show host, sometimes being contemptible, can be confused with provocative, and that is a talk show host’s goal.  


In this current era of the ‘shock jock,’ talk show hosts regularly regret impulsive comments said behind the mic in the heat of the moment, perhaps he should be allowed to take a mulligan, or a do over, after his rant and rave. Certainly no excuse, but this is why starting in a small market allows you to make these mistakes and not end up on the national news as part of an embarrassing comment. I give Tom Brady credit for handling this situation with class during the Super Bowl week, and hoping that it doesn’t cost Alex his job.

Dan Lothian and I will be talking about this on Friday Afternoon Live, now called “Behind the Media” with Dan Lothian and me (Jimmy Young) available on the CLNS Media Network app and ITunes. 

Check out last week’s episode here:

Former WEEI veteran, Mike Petraglia has a few words for Reimer as well…


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