Shinsuke Strike’s Again on WWE Smackdown!

Welcome to the CLNS Smackdown Live Recap here on the CLNS Media Network! This is your home for the results of Smackdown leading into Backlash!


Welcome to the CLNS Smackdown Live Recap here on the CLNS Media Network! This is your home for the results of Smackdown Live, including a recap of all the matches and segments throughout the show. Join me as we discuss what these outcomes could mean for the future of the blue brand as we work towards Backlash!

Smackdown Live comes to you tonight from Montreal, QC, Canada!

Segment 1: Miz TV

Starting off the night we get Miz TV featuring Jeff Hardy. Before Jeff is brought out we have a quick promo where the Miz runs down Seth rollins and how he is going to beat him at Backlash. When Jeff comes down the Miz brings up the fact that he keeps disrespecting Randy Orton. The Miz then calls Randy down to the ring to discuss things. The Miz then tries to get the two of them to fight but he fails miserably, getting told off by both of them. Shelton Benjamin then comes down to interrupt everything, saying how he beat Randy last week and deserves a title shot. Everyone fights and Jeff and Randy clear the ring.

Match 1: Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton vs Shelton Benjamin and The Miz

When we get back from break the match has already started as apparently Paige has made the matchup. This match is a solid match by 4 of the smoothest in ring competitor’s in the WWE. I should also mention that throughout the match the crowd was extremely hot. I couldn’t tell if it was just because it was a smart crowd or because of the match but man were they into it. After another commercial break we get back to the action and the Miz is in control. After around 5 minutes of that, Jeff makes a hot tag for Randy. Randy makes his big comeback, hits an RKO into a Swanton Bomb and gets the 3.

Winner’s: Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy

After the match Randy RKO’s Jeff, setting up their match at Backlash.

Segment 2: IIconics Promo

The IIconics make fun of everything Canadian and make Rene Young run away. They introduce Carmella and brag that they are better than Asuka. They all agree they will beat Asuka, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch tonight in the main event and armilla moon walks off to end the segment.

Segment 3: The Bar Promo

Next we have The Bar are backstage showing off their new contracts. They encounter the New Day and trade verbal jabs about pancakes and the Smackdown Live tag team division. Sheamus then challenges Xavier Woods to a match tonight that woods accepts. This cuts to Rusev and Aiden English talking backstage as Lana interrupts. Lana insinuates Aiden is holding Rusev back and the promo ends.

Segment 4: Big Cass Promo

Then we have Big Cass come out and cut a really bad promo about how he is so much bigger than Daniel Bryan. He says Daniel is small and weak and that it will be a 5 second match on Sunday. He calls out Bryan who hasn’t been cleared tonight due to a chest infection but his music hits. A small person comes out and Big Cass makes fun of him. He then destroys him with a big boot and leaves the ring. A terrible segment overall, pointless.

Segment 5: AJ Styles Promo

Now we have a promo from AJ Styles speaking about how he has been low blown by Shinsuke. Before however it is announced that the match between the two will be no disqualification at Backlash. AJ then calls Shinsuke a coward for what he has done. Shinsuke has asked for a public apology but right when AJ is about to call out Shinsuke, Samoa Joe comes out. Joe verbally destroy’s Roman Reigns, setting up their match for Sunday but he says that after he is done, he is coming for the WWE title. Shinsuke’s music hits and he sneaks through the crowd and low blows AJ again. Then he hits a Kinshasa to end the segment.

Match 2: Xavier Woods vs. Sheamus

Now begins a match that personally I couldn’t care less about but apparently it will be the New Day vs. the Bar going forward. This match did have a fun spot where Cesaro distracted Xavier Woods with pancakes. Other than that the match was very bland and frankly extremely basic. They also botched a slide under the bottom rope which almost injured Woods. After a distraction from the New Day, Woods wins with a roll up.

Winner: Xavier Woods

Main Event: Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Asuka vs Carmella and The IIconics

Finally in the main event we have a lackluster 6 women tag team match. While there are 6 solid performers in the match it just seemed sloppy and a bit rushed. It’s almost like they tried to fit everything into a shortened window of time so I wonder if their time got cut. After a commercial break the heels take control until Charlotte gets a hot tag and gets her hands on Carmella. Billie and Peyton distract Charlotte allowing Camella to get the upper hand again. Finally near the end of the match, the momentum really picked up and they had some solid spots. Asuka reverses a roll up into a Asuka Lock, getting the submission for the win.

Winner’s: Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Asuka

Match of the night: Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton vs The Miz and Shelton Benjamin

Segment of the night: AJ Styles Promo

Join us again next Tuesday when Smackdown Live heads to Baltimore, Maryland!