Some Soon To Be Red Sox Free Agents Are Looking To Stay Beyond 2019

The 2019 off-season will see a few members of the Red Sox on the free agent market. But some are already talking about returning.


With an off-season that’s been as slow as this one, one of the key conversations that we’ve heavily discussed is the list of Red Sox long list of upcoming free agents that they’ll need to decide to either keep or let walk.

And as we know, for the most part, we aren’t talking about minuscule, barely moving the needle free agents. Some of these names include Xander Bogaerts, who will command a large deal depending on how the market is at the time. Chris Sale, who is going to receive a heavy payday if he chooses to. And Brock Holt, who has been a key depth player on the Red Sox roster since the 2013 season.

But the three names listed above have all already expressed their own, what I read as, sincere interest in returning to Boston which includes Chris Sale gushing over the city, the fan base, and what seems to be his favorite aspect of baseball–winning.


“We’ve got a hell of a team and we’re going to have that team for a few years to come… I love playing here, I’d love to keep playing here”.

Sale has seen immense success through his two seasons with the Boston Red Sox since being dealt ahead of the 2017 season by the Chicago White Sox. There’s no doubt in my mind that the team will do whatever it takes to ensure their ace returns in 2020. But the then question becomes, at what cost?

Per Chris Mason of the Eagle Tribune, Xander Bogaerts had this to say about re-signing with the organization: “Boston is an amazing city, man. All the sports here, all they do is win. Winning is one of the main keys for any player and for me. I enjoy winning in everything I do on and off the field. If winning is priority, then why not?”

And while Brock Holt didn’t gush over the winning ways through the city of Boston, he did have one quote that has been tossed around Red Sox Twitter–which is finally heating up again– since this morning. Obviously discussing his impending free-agency, Holt told WEEI during an interview, “I would love to play here forever. That’s what I want to do”.

If the Red Sox 2019 off-season is going to be anything, it’ll be hectic and if they allow it to be, costly. Coming off of a World Series win in 2018 and a strong opportunity to make another deep run, the team is clearly loaded up with talent. But with all of that talent comes contracts that will push you far beyond that luxury tax that the ballclub has been wary of over the most recent season.

That could change with the upcoming contracts, and who knows, maybe they’ve been waiting to blow that luxury tax out of the water with the upcoming deals they may sign. But even so, the team was careful in the 2018 season and still had the most expensive payroll in baseball. The club itself isn’t cheap by any means, but they’ve been known to set a price limit so the 2020 roster could be losing some faces that we’ve become accustomed to here in Boston.