Tacko Fall On The Celtics Roster? It’s a Possibility – Celtics Beat

Adam Kaufman considers the possibility of a future Celtics roster spot going to Tacko Fall on the Celtics Beat Podcast with Jared Weiss.


There are many things that you can teach a player. Basketball IQ. How to defend the arc. How to attack the rim. 

One of the few things you can’t teach is height, which exactly where undrafted free agent Tacko Fall excels. And he doesn’t just excel, he thrives. 

The big man stands at 7’6″. He barely has to leave the ground to dunk. 

So what’s the hold-up? Why aren’t the Celtics inking up a contract this instant? 

Well, the ability outside of his height is lacking. 

Fall has only been playing the sport for a couple of years. When he moved to the States at age 16, soccer was his first choice. Realizing that he could have a more prosperous career on the court, Fall switched to playing basketball during his junior year of high school. Word got around and college coaches flocked to see the anomaly. Nearly forty schools expressed interest. 

On October 28th, 2014 he committed to the University of Central Florida. For four years, Fall crafted a set of tools that would lead him to the NBA summer league. 

The lack of experience was evident in the few games that green teamers watched, but nonetheless, they came to his rescue. Shouts to give Fall the last roster spot ensued. 

Would it be smart per say? No, of course not. Surrender the spot to a veteran that can be dumped at any second Jared Weiss says. Let the guy develop. 

The raw talent is there. Hope that he takes the $50,000 bonus under the exhibit ten rule and then keep him in the system. Send him to the G-League affiliate for however long it takes. 

Time will introduce an elite level of play that he’s probably never accomplished. The potential is just waiting to be tapped into.

Even if the plan doesn’t pan out, there isn’t much to lose keeping Fall in the back pocket. 

The question is, how long will that process take? Are we talking a month? Three years? Hopefully, for everyone’s sake, it’s the former.