What Would it Take to Bring Kawhi Leonard to Boston?

With a rift brewing between Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs, could the superstar actually request out? If he does, how do we get him to Boston?


One of the more surprisingly developments of the NBA season has been the recent reports of Kawhi Leonard wanting out of San Antonio. There have been reports of a rift brewing between Leonard and the Spurs.

It’s easy to say it has been a frustrating season for the superstar. The Silent Assassin has only appeared in 9 games this season, and has battled a calf injury as of late.

You never know what is true and what isn’t in today’s media, but it’s really fun to speculate. With the Boston Celtics looking like the best team in the East, might they have a place for Leonard?

The 26-year-old Leonard is entering the prime of his career and coming off a season in which he scored over 25 points per game and flirted with 50-40-90 numbers. He is a plus-plus defender and let’s his game do the talking.

The Celtics are flooded with young talent and assets, but would not want to break the bank for Leonard. If there is a real rift in Texas, what would it take to get this done?

Answer: Something like this.

Boston Celtics receive: Kawhi Leonard

San Antonio Spurs receive: Jaylen Brown, the Lakers/Kings pick, Aron Baynes, the Memphis pick, and the DPE from the Hayward Injury.

This hurts a lot for me to write. I am a huge Jaylen Brown fan, and I cannot wait to see what he becomes in the league. Having said that though, I know what Kawhi is, especially when healthy. This is a man that was in contention for best player in the league a year ago. He is a two-way superstar that has worked for everything he’s got. He would be the perfect player to place in Stevens’ system.

Can you imagine in 2018 the Celtics taking the floor with Irving, Hayward, Leonard, Tatum and Horford? C’mon now, that’s just gross. That team could contend for years to come. I know it’s all hypothetical, but this is a legitimate super team.

Maybe this rift is being overstated, maybe there’s more to it. Either way, Leonard in Boston would look incredible. It is farfetched and probably will never happen, but it could.