Teammates, Fans, Media & Alumni are ‘Bummed’ About Hayward Injury but Celtics ‘Should be Fine’

CLNS spoke to a variety of media, fans, celebrities, former players for some insights on where they see the Boston Celtics going without..


After a collision with LeMarcus Aldridge on Saturday in San Antonio, Gordon Hayward suffered a fractured hand. The rest of the weekend left Celtics fans with heartache for Gordon Hayward, and concern for the Celtics moving forward without him. On Sunday and Monday morning, CLNS spoke with fans, media, former athletes and celebrities.

After a weekend of tension and uncertainty, everyone seems to be sighing relief that Hayward opted for surgery. As of Monday late afternoon, ESPN is reporting that Hayward is about to undergo surgery on his left hand and an announcement with timeline for Hayward’s return is imminent.

Below you can find everyone we spoke to, their well wishes for Gordon and how they feel the C’s can continue their winning ways without him.

Stay tuned for post-game coverage of the Celtics hosting the Mavericks. Tip off is 7:30 pm ET.

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