There’s No Reason to Bet Against the New England Patriots in 2018


It’s no secret that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have had a tumultuous offseason following their Super Bowl 52 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Not only did the team lose that game under questionable circumstances (benching Malcolm Butler?!), but what followed in the ensuing months was endless talk about potential retirements for Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Bill Belichick, not to mention the departures of key players like Butler and Danny Amendola.

And yet, here we are in mid-July and the Patriots are in the exact same place they’ve always been in relation to the rest of the league.

Despite the fact that Tom Brady will be 41 years old when the 2018 season begins, the New England Patriots are the preseason favorites for Super Bowl 53. BetOnline has the Pats at +700, while Bovada has them at +650. The only other team that’s shorter than +1000 on either site is the defending champion Eagles (+850 at Bovada). The New England roster doesn’t necessarily stack up against the likes of the Eagles, Rams, and Vikings when you look top to bottom, but having Brady at the position that matters most, plus the best coach in NFL history, plus unparalleled consistency (including three SB appearances in the last four years) makes it hard to argue with their status as favorites. To take advantage of live betting when the NFL season kicks off, there is valuable information here on how to pick a site that has an app for live betting. These live betting apps can let you cash out or increase your wager as The Patriots are on their journey to the Super Bowl.

It’s not just Brady who will be making a difference. The Patriots get back two key players who didn’t play any significant time last season in wide receiver Julian Edelman and linebacker Dont’a Hightower. New additions to the defense like defensive tackle Danny Shelton and cornerback Jason McCourty will attempt to sure up some weak points. And let’s not forget that Gronkowski is coming off an All-Pro season where he played in 17 games if you include the postseason.

So despite all the tumult that has been swirling since February 5, it would be pretty hard to bet too much against the New England Patriots for the 2018 season.