Tips for Home: Making a Filter Coffee with Coffee Maker

Making a quick filter coffee with a coffee maker is the way to make coffee at home for many households. At Coffeelifious you can find tips...


Making a quick filter coffee with a coffee maker is the way to make coffee at home for many households. At Coffeelifious you can find tips about coffee.

Read the handy tips about making a quick filter coffee with a coffee maker.  Sometimes small adjustments are enough to make your filter coffee even better. Have you already read the general tips on the Making the most delicious coffee page?

These tips are the basis for almost every method of making coffee. The manual below is not complete without these general tips!

Introduction quick filter coffee making with coffee maker

Not so long ago, coffee was made in the same way almost everywhere: freshly ground coffee was almost always used. Usually a mechanical coffee grinder was used for this, but sometimes an electric coffee grinder.


Water was then boiled and the water was poured over the freshly ground coffee using a filter. Nowadays, not much more is used with freshly ground coffee. But whoever does this will see their coffee quality leap forward.


Later the quick filter coffee maker made its appearance and later again the Senseo machine. Many people have now abandoned the Senseo pads and are making coffee with a filter coffee machine


How to make coffee with a coffee maker with filter in 10 clear steps

  • Take a paper filter and fold over any edges
  • Wet the filter with a little water (may just be cold water)
  • Put the filter in the filter holder
  • Scoop the coffee into the filter (often you need 2 teaspoons or about 12 grams for 1 large, somewhat spicy cup of coffee)
  • Pour the correct amount of water into the device
  • Turn the coffee maker on briefly so that some water is already running on the coffee and then switch it off again (the so-called pre-swelling)
  • After a few minutes you switch the machine on again and let the coffee machine do its work
  • Possibly stir the coffee
  • Do not leave the coffee on the hot plate for too long as it will become bitter. If necessary, use a thermos container that has been rinsed in advance with hot water if you want to store the coffee a little longer
  • Descale the coffee maker regularly. It is even better to use descaled or bottled water.

Enjoy your nice fresh cup of coffee!

Which types of coffee can you use best for making a quick filter coffee with a coffee maker?

The tastiest coffee is guaranteed with self-ground coffee from good coffee beans. Do not grind them too fine and try out the best results.

The easy solution? Purchase the so-called quick filter grind that is specifically intended for this type of coffee machine. But if you really want very nice filter coffee, then definitely read the tip below.

My personal tip for the best coffee?

Give your filter coffee a spicy Italian taste and try a mocha grind. This is actually intended for making coffee with the moka. But because of its spicy character and slightly coarser grind, this is very suitable for making  coffee with a coffee maker!