Tom Brady Admits Offense is Not the Patriots Strength

Tom Brady's mood carried over into a morning radio appearance where the Patriots QB admitted offense is not the team's strong suit right now.


A win is a win but Tom Brady is clearly not happy with the state of the Patriots offense.

Brady was visibly as bummed out as we’ve ever seen him following the Patriots 17-10 win over the Eagles and that mood carried over into the today’s weekly radio appearance.

“I just think to win the game ultimately you just have to score more points than the other team,” Brady said on the Hillman Show on WEEI. “That goes without saying. I don’t know what it is going to be on a particular week. We won the Super Bowl 13-3, that was pretty good. We lost the Super Bowl 41-33, that wasn’t good. I don’t know how many points it is going to be. The reality is it is a team sport. It’s complementary football.”

The Patriots offense – once the hallmark of the team’s success – has clearly taken a back seat. A reality Brady only now seems to be coming to grips with.

“The strength of our team is our defense and our special teams, “Brady said. “On offense we just have to take advantage when we get opportunities and understand where our strengths lie and try and play to them — not giving any short fields, not turning the ball over and try and take advantage when we get into the red area to score touchdowns. That is kind of where our offense is. That is kind of where our team is.”

Asked whether he was particularly frustrated by Sunday’s performance Brady replied…

“I think I am always, I’ve said generally frustrated during football season,” he said. “I think it’s very unique. I was very happy we won. Just wish we would have played better offensively. You have to go do it. I don’t think it is about talking about it. It’s about doing it and trying to get the best we can out of our offense and see if we can be more productive and score more points.

The concern here is, the Patriots were about as healthy as they’re ever gonna be on the offensive side of the ball. Brady had all his receivers (including 1st round pick N’Keal Harry who made his season debut) and all his running backs available. True, left tackle Isiah Wynn’s return from injury should help a lot, but the reality is, the Patriots are who they are on offense.

“We still have a lot of football left,” Brady said. “Hopefully the next six games are the best we can play as a team. That would be pretty great. We’ll see. Like I said, we have to go do it and we’ve put ourself in a decent position at 9-1. Now we’ve got to go capitalize on the position we put ourselves in and try and be the best we can be.”