Tom Brady & Antonio Brown Already Establishing a Connection

Tom Brady met with his newest receiver Antonio Brown as the two look to get to know one another on and off the field.


FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — They’ve yet to play in a game together but Tom Brady and Antonio Brown have already made a connection.

The two new teammates spent some time together on Monday after the Patriots new receiver arrived in Foxboro prior to officially becoming a Patriot.

“Antonio, meeting him today, I really enjoyed being around him,” Brady said in his weekly Westwood One interview “He’s a very smart football player, knows how to play the game. He’s been extremely productive.”

That seems to be the common sentiment among most Patriots players who have been asked about Brown and how he will fit in. The talent is there, but can he conform to the ‘Patriot Way’ after all the well publicized off field antics he’s pulled with his last two teams?

“The only thing that I know what we can do is to go out there and work at it, to meet and to communicate, and get on the practice field and go through things,” Brady said. “I’m not buying into any hype or potential. I’m into work. He’s into work and our entire offense is into doing what’s in the best interest for the team. I’m really excited to get to practice on Wednesday.”

Brady already clearly has a strong connection with the current crop of receivers in Foxboro, which was on display in Sunday night’s season opening win over Pittsburgh. Getting on the same page with Brown as quickly as possible is paramount.

“We’re going to meet as much as we possibly can,” Brady said. “I think that quarterback-receiver relationship is so important. The more you know each other, the more you know what each other’s thinking, the faster you can accelerate the trust and confidence in one another when you get on the field. I have that with a lot of guys that I played with; certainly with the guys that are on the roster now, Julian [Edelman], Phillip Dorsett, Josh [Gordon] — you saw that last night. But when you haven’t played with guys, you got to try to do it as quickly as possible and the clock is ticking on us right now. This is not the offseason program. This is about real games that count, and we are going to try and spend as much time as we can together and really get up to speed and lock in with what [our] roles and responsibilities are.”

Brady is so eager to develop a connection with Brown he’s even . invited him to stay in his house while he finds a place to live in New England.

“You know, I have asked a lot of guys over the years to stay at my house,” Brady said. “Some have taken me up on it and others haven’t. I just want this transition for him to be really smooth. It’s been a lot of travel for him to go from the West Coast to the East Coast. Learning the playbook. I just want him to be comfortable. Whatever’s up to him, I’m totally cool with.”