Tom Brady’s Bailing on Throws But Bill Belichick Won’t Talk About It

Is Tom Brady going out of his way to avoid contact on throws?


If you noticed something strange going on with Tom Brady you’re not alone. This new troubling tendency to bail out on throws to avoid contact.

It happened most noticeably on the last play of Sunday’s 17-10 loss in Pittsburgh. Brady, sensing pressure that had not yet arrived, hurled a ball falling to his left way over the head of his triple covered intended receiver.

Today, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was asked by NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran about that throw specifically and whether this is a trend the team has A) noticed, and B) is concerned with.

Predictably Belichick evaded the questions. Here’s the exchange..

Q: On the final play of the game, as Tom Brady released the ball he was falling to his left. How much did that impact the throw? It seems as if he’s been doing that quite often lately, and do you know why he would be doing that?

 BB: Yeah, I think you’d have to ask him about that specific play. 

Q: Have you discussed it with him at all? Do you have any input on that?

 BB: Any input?

Q: Yeah, why is he falling to his left when releasing the ball and is it impacting his accuracy?

 BB: Yeah, well, Tom [Curran], I mean, look, the players just came in. I haven’t had a chance to go talk to every single player about every single play that happened in the game. I hope you can understand that.

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