Tom vs. Time Episode 3: Tom Brady finds time to bond with his buds Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman

The secrets to Patriots playoff magic may lie in Brady's offseason retreat with teammates.

Tom Brady invests in his teammates in the offseason hoping for postseason payback. (Facebook)

In the latest edition of the Tom Brady Facebook documentary “Tom vs. Time”, the Patriots quarterback takes his receiving buddies Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola on a summer retreat at Yellowstone National Park in Montana.

“I think team sports bring in a humility because I know I’m nothing without the guys I play with,” Brady said of his teammates in general and Edelman and Amendola in particular. “Your role is very fragile. Your role really only is important if the other guys can come up with the plays.”

Of course, this was just two months before Edelman would be lost for the season due to a torn ACL in the third preseason game in Detroit.

Also prominently featured is Alex Guerrero, Brady’s health and lifestyle guru. Guerrero and members of the TB12 staff spend half their days busting their backsides on the football field running routes while the other half is spent playing golf, rough housing in all-terrain vehicles and other outdoor adventures.

While Bill Belichick finds his retreat on Nantucket and the waters of the Atlantic, Brady is clearly re-invigorated by his brotherhood bonding experience aka “Gladiator Camp.”