Alex Cora Dubbed “The Mastermind” in Cheating Scandals, Do the Red Sox Fire Him? | Red Sox Roundtable

    Alex Cora is next to get hit with a major punishment from the MLB for the sign-stealing scandals. How bad will it be?


    The Investigation involving the Houston Astros 2017 sign-stealing scandal concluded this week with year-long suspensions for AJ Hinch and Jeff Luhnow, along with a heap of draft pick penalties and million-dollar fines.

    Owner Jim Crane wasted no time in ousting those two from his staff. Word escaped that the 2018 Red Sox may have been partaking in some similar antics during their World Championship run. Nothing has been proven as of right now.

    The common factor? Alex Cora.

    Nick Quaglia and Mike Petraglia rejuvenate the Red Sox Roundtable with a juicy discussion on the weight of this situation and what the future may have in store.

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