Antonio Brown’s Teammates React To His Recent Sexual Assault Allegations | Video Report

    Sierra Goodwill reports from Gillette Stadium with the latest information on the accusations of sexual assault and rape against Antonio Brown.


    FOXBORO — Antonio Brown’s former trainer, Britney Taylor, filed a civil lawsuit against him on Tuesday accusing Brown of three separate accounts of sexual assault and rape occurring in 2017 and 2018. Brown has denied all allegations and, according to his lawyer, plans to file a counter suit. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and Brown’s new teammates were tight-lipped about the situation.

    The Patriots released a statement late Tuesday night, reading in part “we take these allegations very seriously. Under no circumstance does this organization condone sexual violence or assault.”

    Brown was on the practice field with the team on Wednesday and wore No. 1 temporarily as he decides on an eligible number between 10-19 or 80-89.

    The NFL is reportedly considering putting Brown on the commissioner’s exempt list, making him ineligible to play while the league investigates the matter. If put on the list, Brown would still get paid during that time. As for whether Brown will play in the Patriots’ game against the Dolphins on Sunday if he is eligible, Belichick says he’s taking that decision “one day at a time.”