Are Lakers and Celtics In Danger of Falling Into Play In Tournament

    On the Ryan-Goodman Podcast, the duo discusses the Celtics and Lakers slipping to the play-in tournament. Goodman continues to push for changes.


    Russell Westbrook is on track to break Oscar Robertson’s career record for most triple-doubles. Westbrook currently has 178 triple-doubles while Robertson sits at 181. Jeff Goodman and Bob Ryan discuss the immense amount of criticism Westbrook has gotta over the years and whether or not he deserves it. This breaks out into a giant conversation about rebounding as a whole.
    Ryan goes off on a tangent talking about the best rebounders he’s ever seen, as well as what it takes to be a great rebounder. Two major names that get brought up – Bill Russell and Moses Malone. Ryan starts listing off some of the most important things in being a great rebounder.
    Goodman once again brings up the idea of trading Jaylen Brown. Bradley Beal once again comes up as a trade piece. Goodman’s argument is that the only ways for the Celtics to get better are either parting ways with Brad Stevens or trading Brown away for assets.
    Lastly, the pair talks about the upcoming play-in tournament. There have been a bunch of opposing opinions on the event with some players even speaking out against it. The big storyline is the fact that LeBron James and the Lakers could possibly find themselves stuck in the play-in tournament.