Bob Ryan and Jeff Goodman Predict New Celtics Coach

    The Ryan-Goodman podcast discusses Brad Stevens-Danny Ainge news, as well as Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski retiring from NCAA basketball.


    Analyzing the latest news and staff changes, Bob Ryan and Jeff Goodman discuss Danny Ainge resigning from his role as Celtics President, reflect on his tenure with the Celtics as GM, his career, and what’s next. They also debate the reason for Boston promoting Head Coach Brad Stevens to become the new Head of Basketball Operations of the Celtics. Was it because of money, or they believe he was best for the job?

    Also, Goodman shares details about Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski deciding to retire after this coming season. The duo reflects on Coach K’s career while also sharing stories from conversations with the coach. The leading candidate to replace K is assistant and former Duke player Jon Scheyer.