Boston Celtics vs Milwaukee Bucks NBA Playoff Preview | Celtics Stuff Live

    Jon Duke and Justin Poulin with an early look at the Celtics Bucks series.


    To the surprise of no one the Milwaukee Bucks have advanced to the second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs where they will square off with your Boston Celtics.

    Justin Poulin & Jon Duke with an early preview of the upcoming series.

    JON DUKE: They (Milwaukee Bucks) were a historically good team. This is a different season. I think that’s when we go back to and which Celtics team this is. The Bucks are not getting tested against the Pistons. This is weird. Frankly I thinik it;s a problemn for them (bucks) I fell like the Celtics did get that push (against the Pacers.)

    Look, the Bucks are good. Giannis (Antetokounmpo) is good. He’s going to be a load. Celtics fans respect him, but I think they’re going to try and get in his head.

    JUSTIN POULIN: I think it’s going 7. But I do think the Celtics win one on the road, but I think they lose one too. Al Horford is key. There are time he looks like he can lock (Antetokounmpo) down and there are other times he looks like his lunch is getting eaten.