Brad Stevens not happy with Celtics defense

    Brad Stevens ripped Boston's defense after their close loss to the Lakers at TD Garden.


    BOSTON – Brad Stevens spoke to the media on Thursday night following the Boston Celtics loss to the Los Angeles Lakers at TD Garden.


    Listen to everything Stevens had to say here:

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    Were you ‘okay’ with the three-point defense tonight?

    “No.  Our defense wasn’t very good.  I didn’t think it was very good the whole game. I mean, I thought that they missed free throws and layups at the start of the game; otherwise they would’ve scored a lot more than they did.  And then I thought when we got the lead we really, you know, played very passive offensively and defensively for the next – really until late third quarter. I thought, obviously, Jaylen (Brown) and Terry (Rozier) and (Daniel) Theis gave us a chance – that group             – and, but, we just didn’t – we didn’t guard them tonight.  And they made shots. You still have to make them, but we have to play a lot better defensively if we want to be a good team.”

    Re: Last play

    “Yeah, man, I thought the basketball gods rewarded the right team. You know, I just – I hate to say that, but we had a chance to wrap that game up with a rebound. But that was kind of the whole night.  And in the first half they weren’t making or converting on all of those, and they got a ton of them, the offensive rebounds. But, you know, they had to make big shots late to beat us. Those two threes in the deep corner opposite our bench were big-time shots and really hard shots, and then (Kyle) Kuzma was too open on his, and then (Rajon) Rondo was in the right place at the right time. But, I  thought that – that the middle of the game is what really hurt us. And so that’s where everybody gets feeling a little bit more comfortable; the basket looks a little bigger.”

    Re: LeBron James

    “I thought the most impactful thing he did tonight – I mean, he made a couple of those threes and the big three in the corner again, but I thought the most impactful thing he did in their run was spray the ball all over the place. And he got those other guys shots. And (Kentavious) Caldwell-Pope and Kuzma specifically hit a couple of them, and then Rondo made shots all night.  I thought Rondo was terrific tonight. So, hat’s off to them. There’s a lot of good players over there and, but LeBron was, you know, picking us apart, and with the pass, more than anything else.”

    Re: How Kyrie Irving looked physically

    “He didn’t say anything to me, but you could ask him that. I thought he looked fine. Just one of those nights, you know?  We all expect him to put on the cape every night and it’s pretty impressive that on a night where he struggles, in the last six minutes of the game he can do what he did and make the shots he made.”