Brad Stevens Pregame Interview | Celtics vs Timberwolves

    Brad Stevens was interviewed by the media before the Celtics took on Minnesota in a matinee matchup on night one of a back-to-back.


    Brad Stevens was interviewed by the media before the Celtics took on Minnesota in a matinee matchup.

    Brad Stevens was asked about Kevin Garnett and his time with Boston, and Stevens actually said he knew of him long before either of them made their way to the Celtics. “Kevin and I are in the same high school class, so the first time I saw Kevin was in an AAU tournament on the court next to me… he was the best kid in our class, obviously… been following him ever since… when he came to Boston, I think it’s well documented, what he did was more than how he played… he was the spiritual guy that put them over the top every single day… I couldn’t be more of a fan… I don’t know him great, but man does he have a great reputation in our building.”

    Boston is locked into the 7th seed, so it’s expected for them to start resting key players and starters. When asked what the younger players can do to earn minutes in the last two games, Stevens said “You’re always working towards earning something… he [Romeo Langford] is a guy that, if you need to, should be able to defend any number of different guys on the opposing team… you’re always preparing, there’s always an opportunity.”

    Boston has multiple players injured or dealing with nagging health issues, and Coach Stevens offered updates. “Rob went through part of our practice yesterday and looked pretty good… he’ll be out both these games, he did not make the trip, Kemba did not make the trip… Tatum and Fournier thought it was important in particular for them to play today… Marcus Smart still is a little dinged up… he [Tristan Thompson] practiced yesterday as well, but very light… Marcus, Tristan, Kemba, and Rob are not here.”

    With the roster dealing with their fair share of issues, Jabari Parker should be expected to get some minutes in these last games before the play-in. “He’ll get an opportunity this weekend… can really score the ball, and we may need that moving forward.”

    On the recent Hall of Fame Class, Stevens said “It’s a special class… I’ve got two friends going in, people I think are really good friends… that’s Tamika Catchings… Barbara Stevens is about as good as it gets… going to be emotional to watch Kobe’s tributes.”