Brad Stevens rips defensive effort vs Clippers

    Brad Stevens highlighted Boston's poor defensive effort after blowing a 28-point lead on Saturday night at TD Garden.


    BOSTON – Brad Stevens spoke to the media on Saturday night following the Boston Celtics loss to the Los Angeles Clippers at TD Garden.

    Listen to everything Stevens had to say here:



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    3rd quarter had trouble getting things going offensively, what did you see?

    “I just thought we dug ourselves. We knew it was going to be closer than a 21-point game with the way we played defense in the 2ndquarter.  Again, our defense in the 2nd and 3rd has been bad all year when you compare it to the 1st and 4th. For whatever reason we are ready out of the gate and we’re decent at the end, not tonight, but we’re not very good in the middle. I need to go back and look at what I can do to help us manage those minutes better.  Today it’s just obviously disappointing.  Game when you’re ahead like that you should win, but credit them they’ve won three games like this now on this road trip where they have been down 20.”

    Kyrie (Irving) injury, anything more?

    “I don’t know anything about it. From what I’ve heard he’s going to have further tests tomorrow. His knee buckled a little bit in the 2ndquarter and so that’s all I know.”

    3rd quarter issues a problem all season long, guys keep talking about what they need to do, but at some point is this just who you are?

    “Well if it is, we won’t last long so I guess at least you know right. I’ve got to back and look at, first and foremost, what I can do different to help. Our play out of the half at times this year has been really slow and so that was again today, but I thought that started with our defense in the 2nd quarter. You could kind of feel it going the other direction and that’s it and then we just got pounded again in the 4th.”

    You talked before the game how you think teams can be dangerous; Doc (Rivers) before game said he hasn’t installed anything. What in these situations makes teams dangerous?

    “They played very together, they played off of actions that all those guys have probably run at different places that were probably easy installs for being able to play off one game. They played very free after that first quarter and they found a great enthusiasm together. I think Doc has done a done a great job with this team and obviously this is a brand-new team, or at least half of it, but this whole year they’ve played with such great’ teamness’ and resolve, and you don’t come back from 20-point deficits if you don’t really like each other, and really pull for each other. I think that those guys show that night after night and it’s a real credit to him (Doc) and his staff and all those players that are there and aren’t there.”