Is Brian Hoyer The Patriots’ QB2 Or A Potential Trade Asset? | Foxboro Report

    Sierra Goodwill, Alex Barth and Evan Lazar discuss whether Brian Hoyer played himself into the backup quarterback position or off the team.


    FOXBORO — Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham both impressed in Thurday night’s preseason opener, but Hoyer went 12-for-14 for 147 yards and two touchdowns and less than two quarters. However, given Stidham’s draft status and potential, it’s hard to deny that he could have a higher ceiling as an NFL quarterback.

    So that begs the question: Is Hoyer the Patriots’ QB2, or will Bill Belichick see what they could get for him in a trade? Sierra Goodwill, Alex Barth and Evan Lazar discuss.