Celtics Assistant Scott Morrison Postgame Interview | Celtics vs Cavaliers Summer League

    The Celtics assistant coach talked about the well rounded team win and the Vegas phenomenon that is Tacko Fall.


    LAS VEGAS — Celtics Assistant Scott Morrison on the Celtics Summer League Win over the Cavaliers and the phenomenon that is Tacko Fall.

    “Obviously he has the highest reach, but there’s still dudes climbing on his back and trying to claw for the ball,” Morrison said. “His ability to just catch it, not travel, gather himself and go up….or….just reach up, was impressive today.

    “In theory, worst-case scenario, he’s a specialty player you put in for situations and certain matchups,” said Morrison. “And then on the upside, I think he can be a pretty solid, serviceable big man who’s going to give you some bonus stuff around the rim in terms of protecting the hoop and every now and then bailing you out of a bad possession, just by being able to catch it high in the middle of the paint.”