Celtics Beat Wizards and Look Ahead to Nets in Playoffs

    Celtics post game interviews following the Celtics win over the Wizards in the play-in tournament


    The Celtics toppled the Wizards as Jayson Tatum was near invincible, dropping 50 points in Boston’s 118-100 win. Brad Stevens, Kemba Walker, Tristan Thompson, and Jayson Tatum spoke after the win, and previewed the upcoming series against the Brooklyn Nets.

    On the challenge of playing Brooklyn, Stevens said “Just generally… it’s really hard to make the NBA Playoffs…every year presents unique challenges…we’ve been through a lot, so we’re hardened in a lot of ways…we’ll get ready for Brooklyn starting on Thursday…those guys are the best of the best…we’re going to have to play great…we’re going to have to be really, really sound on both ends of the floor.”

    On Walker’s 29 point performance and Tatum dropping 50 points, Walker said “He’s right about that [Tatum being MVP soon]… I played pretty well… Jayson was special, man, he was unbelievable… I’m here for the ride, it’s fun, it’s always exciting to see him go off the way he goes off.”
    On what can help Boston prepare for a tough matchup against Brooklyn, Thompson said “Study, preparation, I think the preparation is key… I think that’s how you try to gain an edge… I’ve got to watch film, K.Y.P., know your personnel… those little things count in the playoffs… you got to know that little stuff going in.”

    With the tough challenge of the Nets looming, Tatum acknowledged the Celtics situation. “Obviously it’s going to be tough without JB… we know how good of a team they are… excited to get this opportunity to be in the playoffs… it’s my fourth year in a row, I don’t take that for granted… we’re excited, you know, it’s the playoffs.”